Ceiling Fans


Ceiling Fans

Installing a ceiling fan is a great way to add a touch of beauty and freshness to your home.

In fact, ceiling fans are making a comeback because they are both practical and, nowadays, aesthetically pleasing too, adding an air of style to any room.

These modern, stylish fans are on-trend with materials like mirror nickel and hardwood. They often also feature beautiful lighting fixtures built-in, adding another layer of style and practicality.

At All Phases Electrical, we love adding character, charm and practicality to rooms with ceiling fans.

Why Ceiling Fans?

Ceiling fans are suitable for many household rooms, including kitchens, living rooms, garages, and even outdoor patios. They are perfect for adding styling, circulating air and cooling down your home during summer.


In addition to cooling, most ceiling fans allow you to reverse the blades' rotation direction, making them also practical when it's cold. This is because the fans produce a gentle updraft, forcing warm air that has risen down into the room. 


Ceiling fan sizes, styles, finishes, and colours vary considerably, so selecting one to complement current decor is easy. When it comes to knowing which ceiling fan you should use, where it should be situated and how much you should spend when purchasing a new ceiling fan, you'll need to speak with a professional.

At All Phases Electrical, we can help you with all of these decisions to ensure you love your newly installed ceiling fan. 
The Benefits Of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans have many benefits; read the below or chat with us today at All Phases Electrical Specialists to learn more! 

1. Energy Efficiency
Ceiling fans are one of the most energy-efficient means of cooling a room.

2. Style 
Most fans are also available in various sizes and types, with paints that match your design aesthetic. Traditional fans boast finishes ranging from wood to bronze, modern fans in brushed metal, or you can even get tropical fans with banana-leaf-like blades. This tropical look is currently all the rage!

3. Versatility 
Different rooms have different needs, and fans can be super versatile. Use a small ceiling fan to whisk away moisture in a large master bathroom, an industrial-style fan, a home gym to help cool you down during a workout, or a large pergola fan to provide cooling for outdoor areas.

4. Illumination
Ceiling fans with lights are an excellent way to add interest and dimension to your space. Many ceiling fans include dimming capabilities, making them ideal for reading in bed at night.

5. Year-Round Value
Ceiling fans not only provide a nice breeze, but they also cool off rooms by circulating warm air during the winter.

6. Room Strong Focal Point
Combine several beautiful ceiling fans in an open-concept living room to create a warm and inviting area.


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