Electrical Automation

Premium lighting and electrical automation in a bedroom

Electrical Automation

It’s simple - electrical automation saves you money. 


Electrical automation improves system controls so that electricity, electrical appliances, and fixtures turn on and off when you need them to - either via a timer or using remote control. Electrical automation, which is controlled by a smart device, can wirelessly control electrical systems of a specific space from almost any location.

At All Phases Electrical Services, we provide our team of skilled professionals with the electrical automation knowledge and expertise to ensure they don't get caught in the dark!

Why Electrical Automation?


With the rapid advancement of science, technology, and social economy, people's living standards are continuously rising meaning their electricity demands are also increasing.

Having your electricity and appliances automated means you have full, custom control over a range of business and household utilities including: 

  • Lighting

  • Temperature

  • Shade

  • Appliances

  • Machinery 

  • Overall energy usage


Another benefit of electrical automation is keeping the lights on when no one is home! This may sound counterintuitive but it’s a pretty useful hack for when you’re out of town but still want your home to appear lived in from a safety perspective.

At All Phases Electrical Services, we are dedicated to working with you to provide a solution that solves your problem, fits your budget, and is completed on time.

Let’s flick the switch and automate your electricity and appliances. Contact All Phases Electrical Specialists today on 0422665923 to find out more.
The Benefits Of Electrical Automation

After hooking up a number of houses, our clients tell us how happy they are to having things automated. Opening the garage door for a neighbor while they are out of town or even pre heating the home after being out in winter. The difference between a heater switching on just before you arrive home vs leaving it on while out makes a big difference to your electricity bill.


Still now sure? Check out this list of the benefits and advantages of electrical automation:


1. Save Energy

With quantified electrical automation, it's simple to identify when and where you can reduce energy consumption.


2. Lower Bills

Electrical automation facilitates simple-to-use electricity timers. Control when and for precisely how long to leave on the lights, keep on the heat, and run appliances.


3. Safety

With a wide range of fully-automated and -customizable smart security solutions, you can improve your safety with electrical automation. 

4. Manageable Metrics

Remove the guesswork. Know how much energy is being used where and when.


Why Choose All Phases Electrical Services?

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When you book All Phases on a job you can rest assured that we will be there on time with all work delivered to a high professional standard. We are friendly, respectful and incredibly tidy, ensuring your experience seamless services.

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With a high level of attention to detail and over 15 years of experience you can rest assured that our workmanship is of the highest standard.  


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Let’s flick the switch and automate your electricity and appliances. Contact All Phases Electrical Specialists today to find out more.