Why Our Skilled Electrician at AP Electrical Specialists Should Replace Your Wall Outlets in Collaroy

Wall outlets are one of those features you always expect to work and never fail you, but they age just like other equipment in your house. Our experienced electrician can come to Collaroy and inspect your outlets to see if they present a safety hazard or are obsolete and require replacement.


If you notice singeing around your outlet or it feels hot to the touch, it may be worn-out or you may be overloading the circuit, and the outlet needs updating. Overheating is most common when many pieces of equipment that use a lot of electricity are gathered together such as in an entertainment centre. Our electrician in Collaroy can install outlets that can handle a heavier load and give you an upgrade in technology such as USB ports and safety features such as circuit interrupters. We also work directly with builders, so if you have a new home and need completely new wall outlets give us a call.


The slots in your outlets can become homes to uninvited guests such as bed bugs. If your outlets show evidence of infestation, it is safer to switch out the outlet even if you have an exterminator take care of the pest issues. The insects might have caused unseen damage or left behind flammable debris which could cause a fire.


If your home is more than 30 years old or is being renovated, we can inspect your outlets to make sure they are giving you the performance and safety features you expect. Contact AP Electrical Specialists and our knowledgeable electrician will come to Collaroy for a free quote.