Reasons to Call an Electrician in Freshwater

AP Electrical Specialists provides an array of residential and commercial electrical services. We depend on our electricity every day so we tend to be satisfied as long as our appliances and electronics continue to work however you should call for an electrician in Freshwater is you have any of the following issues:


  • Your lights dim when you turn on other appliances which means they may need a dedicated circuit.

  • A single outlet is powering numerous devices which causes it to draw too much current and can be a safety hazard. We can add more outlets for safety and convenience.

  • You get shocked when you turn on a light switch or an appliance. Even a mild shock indicates something is wrong.

  • Extension cords have turned into permanent solutions which means your outlets aren’t placed where you need them. You should never run extension cords under rugs because it hides damage which could cause a fire.

  • Your kitchen and bathroom outlets don’t have safety switches or residual current devices which break the circuit when it’s overloaded with current. They prevent fires, shocks, and damage to your devices.

  • The outlets get warm to the touch which can be caused by interior damaged or too much demand.

  • You are looking to rebuild or would like to have a granny flat re-wired


If you see any of these signs or anything else that makes you think your electrical systems aren’t functioning correctly contact AP Electrical Specialists. We will send an electrician to Freshwater to help you determine if your wiring and components are safe and efficient.