Avoiding an Electrical Emergency: When to Call for an Electrician and Contractors in Newport

Unexpected problems at home are the worst kind: you may simply be trying to relax after a long workday, or preparing to start a new one when a major issue crops up and scrambles your schedule. Sometimes, it's a minor annoyance that takes time out of your week to fix but isn't much of a hassle otherwise. At other times, you could encounter more severe problems that make it more difficult to continue with your routine. A water heater might go out, or in an extreme case, perhaps a portion of your home mysteriously loses power with no apparent cause.


Whatever the case may be, this is precisely the type of situation where you'll need a trustworthy emergency electrician in Newport. At All Phases Electrical Specialists, we proudly provide all our clients with punctual, professional service. We can quickly troubleshoot problems and begin to implement solutions immediately to mitigate any emergency you may encounter. Of course, we also provide a wide range of other electrical services to give you access to everything you may need. If you live in an older home or if you have concerns about some of the electrical applications in your house, contacting an electrician in Newport to examine your system now can be a smart choice.


Using an electrician in Newport to fix problems before they start


If you know the home you occupy is on the older side, consider the value of having a quick inspection of your wiring conducted. While much of your wiring is hidden behind your walls, a qualified electrician can determine if your home is up to the task when it comes to safe electrical operations. Perhaps you have concerns about the current switchboard in your home, and you'd like to have it replaced. Electrical contractors in Newport such as AP Electrical Specialists can step in and take care of this quickly and correctly. The resulting peace of mind can enable you to enjoy your home for years to come.


Though somewhat rare, electrical fires can and do happen. Unfortunately, it is not often easy to tell precisely when a home is at risk for such an event if there is no clear evidence of a fault. If you notice sparking outlets or other apparent problems, call an emergency electrician immediately to examine and rectify the issue. In the event, you do encounter an electrical fire, immediately shut off power using the main switchboard. Use a household fire extinguisher to put out the flames and phone your local emergency services as needed.


Need help with other electrical issues? Let us know


When you aren't experiencing concerns about your electrical infrastructure, why not spend some time thinking about how you could improve the space? From adding LED lighting indoors and out to installing new electrical devices around the house, we're capable of providing many efficient, affordable services and working with lighting designers to give your home a new feel. To discuss what you need from our team today, give us a call on 0422 665 923.