Our Electrician in Palm Beach Can Increase Electrical Safety with Residual Current Devices

Residual Current Devices, also known as safety switches or RCDs, are safety components that are integrated into outlets to protect you and your appliances from short circuits and overloads. AP Electrical Specialists can send an electrician to your home in Palm Beach to assess whether your electrical systems contain RCDs and he can install them where needed.


When the RCD detects increased current due to a short circuit or an overload, it will break the circuit which stops the current from flowing. If no RCD is present and the excess current continues it could cause a fire, appliance damage, or electric shock.


A short circuit occurs when an accidental connection is made which increases the current in the circuit. It can happen when bare wires accidentally touch each other or other conductors. It can also be caused when electrical systems get wet which is why RCDs are vital in outlets in the bathroom and kitchen.


If you already have an RCD and it continues to trip and must be reset you should call, and our electrician will come to Palm Beach and assess the issue. You may have too many devices plugged into a single outlet causing too much current to flow as all the devices try to get the electricity they need. Contact AP Electrical Specialists and our electrician will come to Palm Beach and assess the safety of your electrical systems and give you trustworthy advice.