Reasons to Call an Emergency Electrician

AP Electrical Specialists has over ten years of experience so you can have confidence we will fix your issue when you need an emergency electrician. We understand how vital electricity is to our everyday lives which means we will have it repaired fast. While some problems can wait, others shouldn’t be ignored so you should call us immediately for those issues that put your safety at risk.


For example, water and electricity do not mix, and if you see issues that involve water, you should call as soon as you can. If your electrical panel shows rust, it may have been exposed to water. Corroded components do not conduct electricity as well and could become a fire hazard.


If you smell a burning odour or see sparks or smoke you should notify us immediately because faulty electrical wiring and components can cause fires. You may have loose connections or an overloaded circuit. We can assess and fix the problem quickly.


Sometimes the power goes out because of storms or accidents in which the lines leading to your home or business are damaged. Your electrical company will work hard to get your electricity back online. However, if you don’t have power while your neighbours still do you should call an emergency electrician.


Our electrician provides a variety of services even if it isn’t an emergency, including re-wiring your new home. If you need reliable and affordable electrical services contact AP Electrical Specialists and we will send out a technician to provide you with a free quote.