Garden & Lansdcape Lighting


Garden & Lansdcape Lighting

Your home is your pride and joy. 

You've pulled out all the stops to make your property and yard look fantastic - beautiful flower beds, immaculate lawns, striking palms -  there’s more though! 

Hiring a professional like All Phases Electrical Specialists to install garden and landscape lighting is the next step to really ensure your home is looking the best it can, not only in the light of day but also at night!

Why Garden and Landscape Lighting?

Adding landscape lighting and garden lights is a great way to highlight your yard’s best features and also make your home a safer place. 

It could be to light a walkway (which can help you avoid tripping over dog toys as you make your way to the front door) or to draw attention to architectural and garden features. 
You can use lighting to create a romantic atmosphere for dining al fresco or to act as a layer of security for your home. 

When done correctly, landscape lighting will make your home look spectacular.
Benefits Garden and Landscape Lighting

Here we've outlined the advantages of using garden and landscape lighting so you can decide whether they're right for your home!

1. Deter Crime

One of the most important benefits of outdoor lighting is crime prevention. Floodlights are a wonderful method to brighten gloomy areas while also allowing your outside lights to turn on automatically when it gets dark. 

2. Create a Functional Outdoor Living Space

Think beyond the four walls of your home and expand your outside living area with outdoor lighting. Particularly in Sydney, spending time with the family or entertaining guests outdoors is possible year-round so why not make the most of your outdoor living space with some beautiful garden lighting. 

3. Highlight Your Landscaping 
This is a great way to make your yard and features more attractive. One of our favourite tips is to use lighting to up-light big, beautiful trees and also emphasise striking water features at night.

4. Increase Property Value 
New additions often add value to your home. This is one of the benefits of outdoor lighting - a quick and easy way to boost value while also enjoying the benefits of the lighting. 

5. Improve  Safety
Outdoor lighting is also an excellent way to make your home safer for you, your family, and any other visitors. We recommend installing outdoor lighting in high-traffic places like patios, decks, pools, and outside seating locations. 


Why Choose All Phases Electrical Services?

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With a high level of attention to detail and over 15 years of experience you can rest assured that our workmanship is of the highest standard.  


Image by Harps Joseph

"Our garden was a complete mess until we spent the money on landscaping. Now it looks like a totally different home. The hard work of our landscape design team can be seen during the day, and now, thanks to Tim, it can be seen at night too. It looks spectacular. We'd like to express our gratitude to everyone who worked on this project, especially Tim"

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