LED Downlight Installation

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LED Downlight Installation

Professional Electrician Installed Dimmable LED Downlights for your Northern Beaches or North Shore Home. 
Are you looking for a modern and efficient lighting option for your home or office? Look no further than LED downlights.

Why LED downlights?

LED downlights come in an array of different sizes, multiple brightness options and even different light colours, making them a highly versatile option for any home. 
When it comes to design, they are also sleek and compact as LED downlights can be installed flush in the ceiling. 
Another thing we love about LED downlights is that they require no maintenance. This is in contrast to a common, yet dangerous, alternative - halogen downlights. At All phases electrical we are often hired to install LED downlights to replace the old halogen Downlights due to the fact they are constantly failing and burnt out.

We can’t wait for you to see the difference LED downlights will make in your home or office. 

The Benefits Of LED Downlights 

It comes as no surprise that most modern homes are built with LED downlights, this is because they have a long list of benefits. 


  • LED downlights are a much safer option producing no heat at all.

  • LED downlights create a much brighter light.

  • LED downlights will save you money on your power bill.

  • LED downlights can be installed flush for a sleek, modern look and feel

  • LED downlights require no maintenance 

  • LED downlight come in different makes and colours.

  • LED downlights now come as a tri-colour allowing you to choose the colour temperature.


At All Phases Electrical we can supply you with a large range of LED downlights to choose from, but if you need a hand, we’re always happy to advise on what will best suit your room.

We only use premium quality products but are confident prices are still affordable. 


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Tim and his team are great! What impresses me the most is how tidy and punctual they are. Not many electricians are present on the market with such quality values and professional approach like the guys from All Phases Electrical. I will use them again. Very happy with them! Thank you Tim!

If you are looking for LED downlight installation on Sydney’s North Shore or Northern Beaches, give your friendly local electrician, Tim, a call on 0422665923.