Safety Switches

Safety Switches


Simply put - safety switches protect you, your family and your home or business.

To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, harm and death, safety switches have been designed to rapidly cut off the electricity supply if an electrical problem is detected.

They are a simple gadget but one that is essential in every home or office. 

Why Safety Switches?

Did you know, electrical faults and appliances are responsible for approximately 40% of the 4,500 residential fires in NSW each year. The majority of these issues could have been easily avoided with a safety switch.


To be fully protected from the issues that could arise, we recommend you not only have your safety switches installed by a professional electrician but also get them tested at least once every six months to ensure they are working effectively.

All Phases Electrical Specialists can quickly and easily inspect and repair your electrical wiring and install safety switches to ensure avoid fires, or even death.
The Benefits Of Safety Switches 

It’s important to understand what is being installed in your home and also the benefits these tools or gadgets bring. When it comes to safety switches, the list of benefits isn’t a long one but it's an important one.

1. Human safety
Safety switches will keep you, and your loved ones safe by shutting off power when an issue is detected. Having a safety switch installed will reduce the likely hood of harm and even death.

2. Home and contents safety 
Reducing the risk of issues caused by electrical faults or appliances is easy when you have a professional install a safety switch. Avoid damage and fires with this simple device, that can be tested regularly.

Two common questions we get asked are - “are circuit breakers and safety switches the same thing” and “ if I have one, do I need the other?”

The answer is - they are different, and, yes, you need both!

When a circuit overload is detected, circuit breakers are intended to stop the flow of electricity through a building's wiring system, protecting appliances and electronic equipment.

If an electrical leak to the ground is detected, a safety switch is intended to instantly cut off the electricity in order to avoid people from receiving an electric shock.


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