Solar panels


Solar Power


Solar Power

Let’s rewind to science class for a quick minute! As we’re sure you’re aware, solar power energy from the sun, converted to another type of energy, in this case - electrical energy.


Today, modern solar technologies are highly effective at harnessing the sun’s energy and creating power for a variety of uses. 


Because this type of energy is so readily available, and nowadays such a simple conversion, this means solar power is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available. Especially in Australia where we have sunshine in spades!

Why Solar Power?

There's a reason every man and his dog are switching to solar! For both individuals and businesses, the advantages are indisputable. One of the main reasons people are looking for solar power -  it’s better for the planet. 

At All Phases Electrical Services, we are qualified in solar power installation and would be delighted to assist you in making your home more sustainable. 
Solar Panels
The Benefits Of Solar Panels

Beyond the environmental reasons, there are a number of other benefits of solar power. This includes:

1. Reducing energy bills.
By installing solar power, you no longer need to pull as much, or any, energy from the grid as you are pulling from your own resources. This means your bills can be dramatically reduced and you can be saving money from the moment your panels are installed. 

2. Earn tax credits or rebates.
In NSW, when you purchase a solar panel system you may be eligible to receive the NSW government solar rebate. This means you can save up to 33% on the cost of your solar system making solar the perfect choice for people who don't want to pay the full amount to reap the rewards. 

3. Reduce reliance of fossil fuels 
Fossil fuels are both bad for the environment, and a finite resource. By cutting down on our use of fossil fuels we are taking steps to reduce carbon emissions. 



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"We have saved so much money since Tim came to install our Solar Pannels. Thanks, Tim"

At All Phases Electrical Services, we are here to efficiently install your solar panels to help make this planet a little greener and a little brighter. Call us today on 0422665923 to discuss the options available to you!