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Switchboard Upgrades

All Phases Electrical Services deliver safe and reliable switchboard upgrades all across the Northern Beaches and North Shore. From Neutral Bay to Newport, Mosman to Manly, Cremorne to Church Point - All Phases Electrical Services can help! 


Are you looking for responsive service, quality repairs, and competitive rates? All Phases Electrical is the professional electrician you need. 

Why do you need to upgrade your switchboard?

In many houses, switchboards are still running protection with the old ceramic fuses. While these were good 30 years ago, they do not provide adequate protection for your family. If there is a fault in your electrical system, unfortunately, the fuse will take too long to blow, which can in turn cause burning of cables and possible house fires. 


We now install RCD’s (Residual Current Devices) commonly known now as safety switches.

Safety switches will trip your power in seconds if there is an issue in your electrical system, protecting your family and home. 


Another reason to upgrade your switchboard is that panels inside the old switchboards are often made of asbestos! Again, this is a health hazzard and something we want to protect you and your family from! 

Keep your home and family safe with a switchboard upgrade! 

Benefits of a Switchboard Upgrade

All switchboard upgrades are unique in their own way. This is why we take the time to manage each switchboard change properly. When you book in a switchboard upgrade with All Phases Electrical Services, you can expect: 


  • We will safely remove all the old switchboard gear and asbestos panel. 

  • We will install all new main switches and safety switches up to Australian standards.

  • We will neartly wire and labelled the new switchboard 

  • We will talk you through the process, and educate you about your new switchboard, meaning you will know what to do should you need to turn off or reset the power.


At All Phases Electrical Services, we offer an honest service, where we turn up on time, clean up and complete the job correctly.


We want to keep you safe! This is why we encourage all homeowners and residents to check their switchboards. If you have ceramic fuses or if you're unsure, call us today we can protect your home from outages and electrical fires. 


Why Choose All Phases Electrical Services?

Responsive Service

We are always contactable and highly responsive. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don’t be left with an electrical concern, contact us today and experience our highly responsive service.

Competitive Rates

You can trust that you are in safe hands that offer affordable services when you need them most. We will also quote your job free of charge and ensure any unexpected changes are communicated clearly and managed effectively to ensure results are safe, reliable and affordable.

Professional and Reliable

When you book All Phases on a job you can rest assured that we will be there on time with all work delivered to a high professional standard. We are friendly, respectful and incredibly tidy, ensuring your experience seamless services.

Quality Service

With a high level of attention to detail and over 15 years of experience you can rest assured that our workmanship is of the highest standard.  


Image by Meritt Thomas

“My parent’s switchboard was installed in the1960s!! It was ceramic, and we had no idea about the issues this could cause. Once we found out about the problems with ceramic switches, we made an effort to get it changed. My parents are both in their 80’s so we’re taking the time to make changes to their home so it’s safe, meaning they can stay independent for longer. Tim was fast, reliable, and very clean. My parents can sometimes be difficult but they loved chatting to Tim and now understand why it needed to be changed. Now to get some handrails installed!”

If you need a switchboard upgrade on Sydney’s Northern Beaches or North Shore, give your friendly local electrician, Tim, a call on 0422665923