TV & Data points

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TV & Data points

For people and families with many devices in your home or office, you may find wireless networking just doesn’t cut it.

In general, the speed and effectiveness of a wireless connection is slower and more fragile when compared to a wired solution! This is why many homes and offices need additional data points installed - especially as more and more people are working from home.

Getting additional TV and Data points installed will ensure the greatest picture and sound quality for your TV, with a fast Internet connection for streaming and those endless Zoom calls.

Why TV and Data Points?

To extend the connection of wireless internet networks, data points can be installed in strategic locations around your home or office.

These data points are used to connect equipment and appliances with a direct link to the wifi network. They are also used to extend the network's connection from the router or modem to the device so that it can function more effectively.

Not sure if you need additional data points? Well, if you’re using these common items, then you should consider getting additional data points installed!

  • Computers

  • Printers with WiFi Connections

  • Security and CCTV cameras

  • NBN Data Connection Points

  • Home Theatre Rooms

  • TV and Other Media Devices

At All Phases Electrical Specialists , we are fully prepared to customise your network with accuracy so that every point is properly installed and operates effectively.. 
The Benefits Of TV and Data Points 

Cabling is becoming increasingly more popular among homeowners, who are wiring their homes in order to take advantage of the benefits. Below we explore some of the devices that may be plugged into a data point as well as the associated benefit of data points and wiring.


1. Computers and Laptops

If your computer or laptop isn't linked to the router via an ethernet cable, you won't be able to use all of the bandwidth available. Having a data point installed, with wiring hooked up means your hardware will be running an optimal speed.


2. WiFi Printers

If your printer has an ethernet connection, you may link it to the data point as this will allow it to work more quickly.

3. CCTV Cameras

If you want to improve the visual quality of your cameras then you should use a data point. This is because wireless networks can impact the quality of the image and may impact the effectiveness of your CCTV camera.


4. TV

Sick of streaming that drops out? Your TV is another device that can be linked to various data points. This will help to improve your streaming speed and the quality of the image so you can properly enjoy that sweet 4k TV you brought.


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